iTunes Clusterfuck

Not sure who the moron at Apple was that released the second to last version of iTunes, before version but it clusterfucked my whole iTunes library. Thousands of hours worth of work totally fucked by Apples quest to profit from their lack of vision (that ended when Steve Jobs died) and try to screw over the already online music streaming companies that beat Apple at their own game and forgot the people that have supported Apple Inc over the years.

I don’t trust Apple as I use to. I switched in 07 from Windows since M$ was more interested in releasing shit as OS’s and forgot about the ultimate goal, to help the enduser and Apple is now where Microsoft was back then.

I have started the labours task of rebuilding my iTunes Library and won’t be down loading any future releases of iTunes until at least a month after Apple has put them out.

If this had happened when Steve was alive there would have had been a forthcoming apolagy from him that Apple had screwed up. No so with Steve since he doesn’t understand the whole business but more the supply chain.